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    Criminal Law Co-Chair(2010-2012)

  • Jeremy Kaschinske

    One of only four MN defense attorneys certified on DataMaster, DMT (MN's current breath-testing device).

    "Contributing Author to Minnesota's DWI Deskbook"

  • Dave Risk

    Eight-Time Award Winner of "SuperLawyer - Rising Star"

    J.D. William Mitchell College of Law magna cum laude graduate

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Minnesota DWI and Drugs Attorney

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While drugs are unrelated to alcohol, they can affect a driver's ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner in the same way as alcohol does. Whether they are illegal drugs or even prescription drugs that affect your ability to drive, you can be charged with DWI or DUI. If you have been charged for driving under the influence of drugs, it is important to consult with a Twin Cities DWI DUI lawyer to discuss your defense against these charges. Halberg Criminal Defense has helped hundreds of clients fight charges for DWI and DUI with drugs and has successfully represented them in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota areas.While alcohol can be measured in the body through a breath test, drugs cannot. As such, the Minnesota Depertment of Public Safety does not automatically suspend your driver license when charged with DUI with drugs, as it would if alcohol is involved. A conviction is required for the suspension to take place.

Our Minnesota DWI Lawyer is experienced in dealing with drunk driving charges and their complex cases

Testing for drugs takes the form of a blood or urine test. The results, along with the arresting officer's report at the scene, will be entered in as evidence when attempting to prosecute you. There are strong defenses, however, that our highly skilled firm can help develop for you. Many officers have not been properly trained on the objective signs of a person under the influence of various drugs. The blood or urine tests can be incorrectly administered, contaminated or not properly held to the chain of evidence required by law. All of these points, when carefully analyzed by our firm, can lead to challenging them as evidence against you.

A Minnesota DWI Attorney can help you deal with the difficult situation you are facing

Being convicted of a DWI or DUI involving drugs is a serious offense. You will need to face handling the drug charges in addition to a DWI DUI charge, and suspension of your license. There are stiff fines that are levied, and some individuals may lose their jobs due to a drug offense. With these types of consequences, you will need the very best to defend you. The attorney of Halberg Criminal Defense, Twin Cities DWI DUI defense lawyers, have been practicing DWI DUI law a combined 100 years and has inside knowledge of both the criminal justice system, and how law enforcement assembles their case against you. With this knowledge he can prepare a strong defense on your behalf.

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